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Special Invitation for the 30th Anniversary of Le Dîner en Blanc de Paris: June 3, 2018

Chers amis,

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, in one of Paris’ most prestigious locations, an immense Le Dîner en Blanc will bring together some 20,000 people, half of whom are from other countries, to dine at the same table.
We extend this invitation to thousands of people who, on all continents, in over 30 countries and in 80 of the world’s largest cities, all wish to share the taste of celebration with us in elegance, joy and friendship.

However, Le Dîner en Blanc is ever so much more than just a collective meal: for a few incredible hours, a special magic permeates the site and envelops all in attendance, making everything seem more beautiful and the future seem even brighter... With us, in Paris, you will experience all of this.

Close your eyes and just think of the profound joy you will feel when surrounded by thousands of twinkling little lights, dazzling your eyes and enchanting your soul, over the course of this exceptional Parisian evening.

If you are available the first week of June, why not come to see us and discover or re-discover the charm and mystery of Paris? To do so, we invite you to register for the waiting list.

This pre-registration does not represent any obligation on your part, however it will assist our organizing committee to better plan for your potential attendance and needs. Furthermore, and above all, with your name on the waiting list, you will receive a registration package containing all event information and participation conditions during the month of March 2018.

For us, your presence at this grand event would not only be an honour, but a source of great joy.
On behalf of all my friends on the Parisian organizing committee, I look forward to welcoming you to this magical event!

Yours sincerely,

François Pasquier

Founder and Co-organizer of Le Dîner en Blanc de Paris.

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